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Somaliland Ministry of Transport and Road Development  is a government institution that exists to formulate policies, plans, set standards, build capacity carry out advocacy, regulate, monitor and evaluate the Transport Sector. The Ministry also provides policy and strategic guidance to parastatal bodies under its supervision namely, Somaliland Road Agancy, and Somaliland civil aviation authority. MoTRD Provides political and operational oversight in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

The Transport sector is a cluster of priority sectors of the economy comprising Roads, railway, water and air transport. The sector anchors the economy and serves as its conveyor belt. In consequences, its performance depends on how it relates with its clients and stakeholders in the delivery of services.

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1- Liisamadda Baabuurta Waaweyn ee La bixiyay 2014 – 2018 

2- Liisamadda Baabuurta yaryar ee la bixiyay 2014 -2017

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